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The Gravner Agricultural Company, founded in 1901, has deep roots in the history of Collio, in Friuli near the border with Slovenia. Francesco Josko Gravner inherited his passion for working the soil from his father and uncle, who introduced him to the world of agriculture. In the 1980s, he started with conventional viticulture, but later embraced a completely different philosophy. In 1997 he abandoned modern technology to embrace a more traditional approach, macerating the grapes in large wooden vats. In 2001 he took a decisive step towards winemaking in underground terracotta amphorae, following an ancient practice originating from the Caucasus. Gravner adopts a natural approach, refusing to manipulate the wine with additions or interventions and underlining the importance of following the instinct and rhythm of nature. He criticizes modern practices taught in wine schools, underlining the importance of following the authenticity of farmers. His rebellious and authentic vision has earned admiration, even as it has caused divisions in the wine industry.

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