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Vin Santo San Giusto 2015 San Giusto a Rentennano 37,5 cl

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Vin Santo San Giusto 2015 San Giusto a Rentennano 37.5 cl is a traditional vin santo produced by San Giusto a Rentennano.

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Sweet wine obtained from Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes harvested manually at the ideal moment of ripeness and left to dry naturally for approximately 120 days in a well-ventilated environment.

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The San Giusto a Rentennano facility is located on the upper course of the Arbia river in one of the southernmost areas of the Chianti Classico denomination. The company is located on an ancient monastery at the time called San Giusto alle Monache which over the centuries was transformed into a fortress. According to some documents, already in 1204 the castle was marked as the border between the counties of Siena and Florence. Today the structure and the company have belonged to the Martini di Cigala family since 1914 and the battlements of the fortress, the castle walls and the underground cellars which serve as an aging place for the wines produced are still intact.

Grapes used

White Malvasia 90%

Tuscan Trebbiano 10%

Production method

After pressing, the juice is transferred into oak and chestnut barrels with a capacity ranging from 40 to 180 litres, then sealed and stored under the roof, in a place subject to seasonal temperature variations. Here, the wine ferments and develops slowly for 6 years, with an evaporation of 40% of the initial content, resulting in a final vinsanto with a yield of 10-12% of the initial weight of the grapes. Before bottling, a filtering process is carried out using Dutch cloth drip filters. Aging period of 18 months in the bottle.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Amber colour. On the nose it presents a delicate and pleasantly fruity aroma, characterized by a large, intense and persistent bouquet with notes of red fruit and raspberry. From a flavor point of view, it is fresh and savory, with a perfect balance between softness and acidity.

Possible combinations

Meditation wine at the end of a meal, traditionally paired with classic Tuscan cantucci. If you want to try a pairing, we highly recommend it with apricot or peach tarts, fig desserts or cream desserts.

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