Vin Santo di Carmignano Riserva 2012 Capezzana 37,5 cl

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Vin Santo di Carmignano DOC Riserva 2012 Capezzana 37.5 cl is a traditional vin santo produced by the Capezzana Estate, in Carmignano in Tuscany.

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Among the best vin santo of Tuscany, produced in very limited quantities, a gem to be enjoyed at the end of a rich meal.

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Vines were cultivated in Capezzana as early as 3000 years ago, as demonstrated by many discoveries made on site. In 1475 Monna Nera Bonaccorsi built the estate almost as it is today in Carmignano, in the province of Prato, Tuscany. Ownership of the estate has been handed down to many families over the centuries: the Cantuccis, relatives of the Medici, and then the Marquises Bourbon del Monte. After this long period in which the estate was expanded several times and large and modern (for the time) archives were created, the estate passed to the Adimari Morellis and then to the Franchetti Rothschilds to then reach the Contini Bonaccossi family in 1920, who still today he leads the company.

Grapes used

Tuscan Trebbiano and San Colombano

Production method

The ripest and most intact Trebbiano and San Colombano grapes are carefully selected and left to dry on mats until the end of February according to the traditional method. The must obtained is then placed in kegs where a natural and slow alcoholic fermentation begins; the product will stay in the barrel for at least 5 years or more depending on the vintage. The yield is very low: it is possible to obtain Vin santo which weighs ⅕ compared to the grape used to produce it. At the end of this period the vin santo is finally bottled and can be left to age without time limits, acquiring more and more aromas and nuances over the years that enrich it infinitely.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

At sight it has a deep and bright amber color. On the nose peach and apricot jam, honey, dried flowers, notes of mint and hints of eucalyptus, notes of vanilla, tobacco, toasted almonds. In the mouth viscous, soft and enveloping, full, delicate and elegant. Very long and balanced finish between ripe fruit and spices, exquisitely elegant aftertaste. An icon.

Possible combinations

Vin Santo Capezzana Riserva is one of the best vin santo produced in Tuscany, according to the rules of the traditional method. The product is exceptional as a meditation wine, especially if with a few more years of bottle aging behind it; wanting to try a pairing we highly recommend it with apricot or peach tarts, fig desserts or cream desserts.

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