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Vin Jaune 2015 Tissot 62 cl

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Tissot Vin Jaune 2015 62 cl is a wine produced by Domaine Tissot in Jura.

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Vin jaune is one of the most characteristic wines of the Jura and of France, obtained from the vinification of Savagnin grapes in overfilled barrels, in which the presence of oxygen naturally forms a layer of bacteria on the surface called “flor”, which allows slow and gradual oxidation of the wine to which it gives precious aromas. Just over 1000 bottles produced, bottled in the characteristic “clavelin” bottle, with a capacity of 62 cl.

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The André et Mirelle Tissot company is a family winery in the Jura, which has vineyards among its possessions in extraordinary territories such as Les Bruyères, La Mailloche, En Barberon, Curon for a total extension of about 35 hectares, all according to biodynamic agriculture principles (Demeter certified). In fact, the Tissot family produces wines with “love and passion” as they like to define themselves, they believe that wine can reflect the personality of those who produce it and that being an “organic” material it is constantly evolving and that you cannot find two wines identical to the others. “The industrialization of wine is the end of the identities of wine and its characteristics that are part of the magic of a bottle” is one of the family’s favorite phrases. The vinification according to the specific differences of the terroirs leads to the production of 28 different cuvées.

Production method

Spontaneous fermentation in cuvèe and aging in old pièces on the fine lees for 6 years and 3 months in full sous voile barrels.

Grapes used

Savagnin 100%

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Deep amber yellow colour. The nose is rich and complex, with notes of nut, citrus, saffron, ripe yellow fruit, salty and oxidized notes, curry and yellow spices with a mineral background. On the palate it is dry, dry, it finds all the spices perceived on the nose and the alcoholic sensation is also present, with a savory final note.

Possible combinations

This wine is perfect with white meat main courses or fish main courses.

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