Trento DOC Giulio Ferrari 2010 Riserva del Fondatore Ferrari 75 cl

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Trento DOC Giulio Ferrari 2010 Riserva del Fondatore Ferrari 75 cl is a classic method sparkling wine produced by Ferrari Lunelli in Trento.

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Prominent product of the company and among the Trentodocs, produced only with the best chardonnay grapes from Maso Pianizza, at more than 600 meters above sea level; Giulio Ferrari ages for at least 10 years on its lees, exhibiting aromas and sensations worthy of the best Champagnes.

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The history of Ferrari begins way back in 1902 thanks to Giulio Ferrari and his dream of creating a classic method sparkling wine in Trentino similar to those produced by the French. Giulio had specialized in oenology in Montpellier and had spent 5 years between France, Austria and North Africa during which he had accumulated skills; he had therefore observed the Trentino territories and had come to the conclusion that the cuttings of international vines could well adapt to them. In 1902 he therefore produced a few bottles of classic method sparkling wine called “Champagne Maximum Sec G. Ferrari”, which immediately met with great success. The company will see a perpetual qualitative improvement and growth until the 1950s, exactly in 1952, when Giulio, having no children, finds himself choosing an heir and the choice falls on Bruno Lunelli, the owner of a wine shop in Trento. Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills, Bruno manages to produce his sparkling wines on a large scale without ever giving up or lowering the quality of the products. From the ’70s to the ’00s, the second generation of the family will be at the helm of the company and historical labels such as Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Perlé and Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore will be born. Today the company is led by the third generation, which keeps the Ferrari dream alive.

Grapes used

100% Chardonnay

Production method

The grapes are rigorously harvested by hand and are all grapes from vineyards owned by Maso Pianizza, at more than 600 meters above sea level; only grapes from the same harvest are used. It is produced according to the so-called methode champenoise or classic method, a method in which the wine substantially undergoes two different fermentations: the first, the alcoholic one (which it shares with the rest of the wines) takes place in vats for fermentation; the second instead takes place directly in the bottle and ensures that during this second procedure, thanks to particular yeasts, the wine also develops carbon dioxide (which will then give life to the famous bubbles when uncorked). The product then ages on its lees for at least 120 months.

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Tasting notes

Ancient golden yellow color with green-gold hues. The perlage is very fine and very persistent. Intensity and fragrance on the nose, with notes of ripe apple, candied citrus fruits, acacia honey, white chocolate, vanilla and white pepper spices, toasted hazelnuts and melted butter. Wide, enveloping and symphonic on the palate, it reveals great creaminess and notes of ripe spices and hay. The finish is just as long and bewitching.

Possible combinations

Is it really important what we combine with such a sacred monster? Drink it on special occasions, toast together with loved ones and friends. Perfect as a meditation wine, even if it has a few years of rest in the cellar behind it.

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Ferrari Champagne

Giulio Ferrari, specialized in oenology in Montpellier, created in 1902 a classic method sparkling wine similar to the French ones, called "Champagne Maximum Sec G. Ferrari". After his death, the company was inherited by Bruno Lunelli who, thanks to his entrepreneurial skills, was able to produce high quality sparkling wines on a large scale. Today the company is led by the third generation of the family.


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