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Pinot Noir Riserva Santa Maria 2017 Maso Corno 75 cl

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Pinot Nero Riserva Santa Maria 2017 Maso Corno 75 cl is a wine produced by the Maso Corno company.

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In Trentino, facing the Little Dolomites, Tenuta Maso Corno extends. Splendid vineyards overlook the Adige Valley from above, in a context with unique soil and climatic characteristics where the distinguished Pinot Noir SantaMaria Maso Corno is born.

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Tenuta Maso Corno is a winery located in the Lessini Mountains in Italy. The cellar extends onto a terrace suspended over the Ala stream and overlooks the Adige valley. The dolomite-limestone soil and the foothills air together with the morning exposure make the wines of Maso Corno unique. The winery uses grapes that have been grown for over thirty years and have developed characteristics of robustness, generating wines of character and class. The owner, Giulio Larcher, has expanded the cultivation of vines throughout the property using offspring clones of the original vines and making choices that respect the historical-environmental typicality and quality.

Production method

It is vinified in steel without malolactic fermentation and the sparkling process, with the classic method, requires a minimum of 30 months of rest on the lees and no dosage during disgorgement.

Grapes used

Pinot Noir 100%

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Ruby red in colour, the wine releases ample aromas revealing a fine bouquet. The ethereal complexity blends with fruity hints. Balanced, it has a well-defined body supported by a gentle and enveloping tannins. The alcoholic richness and the soft maturation balance a perceptible freshness. Finesse and elegance accompany the muscular notes that the polyphenolic fraction of the grapes gives to the wine in a harmonious whole of chromatic, olfactory and gustatory sensations.

Possible combinations

Perfect on a plate of white or red meat, not too structured but still tasty, perhaps enriched with spices, melted cheeses and other flavours. Given its great elegance, it is also recommended as a meditation wine while remaining on fruity and fresh fruit sensations accompanied by a good tertiary sensation of spices.

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