Saint Joseph 2022 Pierre Gonon 75 cl

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Saint Joseph 2021 Pierre Gonon 75 cl is a wine produced by the Pierre Gonon winery in France.

Why buy it?

Authentic wine, which faithfully reflects the terroir and the work carried out with care by the brothers Pierre and Jean. What makes this wine truly special is its ability to age beautifully over the years, developing a complexity and depth that only great wines can offer. Every sip is a sensory journey that allows you to appreciate the mastery of who created it.



Pierre Gonon is a family-owned winery located in the Rhône Valley region, passionately led by brothers Pierre and Jean. The two carefully manage their 8 hectares of vineyards using natural methods, with the aim of producing sincere and authentic wines that can age beautifully over time.

Grapes used

Syrah 100%

Production method

Produced with sustainable agriculture methods and respectful of nature. The fermentation of this wine takes place in open oak vats, while the grapes are pressed with the feet, respecting the artisan traditions.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Gonon’s Saint-Joseph is distinguished by its concentrated and spicy flavors of dark berries, violets and spices. The firm and well integrated tannins give the wine a refined and persistent finish.

Possible combinations

Gonon’s Saint Joseph pairs beautifully with various dishes. It is perfect to be enjoyed with grilled or braised red meats, such as a succulent fillet of beef or roast lamb. It also goes well with game dishes, such as wild boar or deer. For cheeses, it is recommended to pair it with aged hard cheeses or a soft goat cheese. Furthermore, Saint Joseph by Gonon lends itself to being appreciated alone, as a meditation wine, to fully enjoy its elegance and complexity.

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