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Porto Tawny 20 Years Old Graham’s 70 cl

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Tawny Port 20 Years Old Graham’s 70 cl is a port produced by Graham’s.

Why buy it?

Fortified wine that combines youth and vinosity with the evolutionary notes obtained from the long aging in wood. Perfect wine for lovers of quality after dinner.

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The Graham family has played a fundamental role in the productive adventure of Porto, since 1890, when in the enchanting Douro Valley, they discovered the immense potential of their vineyards. Determined to take full advantage of this discovery, the family decided to invest a large part of their savings in the production of this fine fortified fortified wine, which later became the symbol of Portugal in the world. The tradition, experience and knowledge acquired over the years are values ​​that the Graham family has been able to hand down from generation to generation, and which are clearly perceptible in every sip of this magnificent nectar.

Production method

The long period of aging in wooden barrels gives a great chromatic variety to the wines, which pass from an intense red to a gradually paler shade until reaching an intense garnet. This process of chromatic evolution is accompanied by a gradual softening of the structure, which evolves and enriches itself over time, while keeping its youthful freshness intact. A perfect nectar for those who appreciate quality in every detail.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Intense garnet color, accompanied by a broad and enveloping olfactory bouquet, characterized by a rich range of fruity and spicy aromas. Among these, hints of dried figs and honey clearly emerge, which give the wine a unique personality. On the palate, the wine is rich and juicy, with an excellent balanced structure, which concludes in a long and seductive finish, leaving an indelible mark on the palate.


Perfect at the end of a meal.

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