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Peter in Florence London Dry Gin 50 cl

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Peter in Florence London Dry Gin 50 cl bottle is a gin produced by the Peter in Florence distillery in Pelago, Tuscany.

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Produced near the city, Peter in Florence is a tribute gin to the city of Florence for two reasons: the first is a symbol of elegance, the second puts the iris at the center of the aromas, the very symbol of the Tuscan capital. It is an extremely elegant gin, thanks to the high selection of raw materials that are produced with the only Carter Head alembic present in Italy (in reality there are only 5/6 of them in the whole world!) which allows to obtain a very elegant product .

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Peter in Florence is a distillery located in Pelago, Rufina, in Tuscany. The distillery is the only one in the region and in all of Italy to use a Carter Head alembic, which allows the botanicals to be placed in a box above the alembic, so that the alcohol in the evaporation phase extracts aromas decisively without burning the botanists themselves. 14 botanicals are used, of which the main ones are certainly Tuscan gin and iris, also a symbol of the city of Florence; all botanicals come from selected local suppliers who are very attentive to the dictates of organic cultivation.

Production method

To produce gin it is necessary to “aromatize” an alcoholic base with some elements of which one of the components or often the main one is juniper. This can happen in various ways: either through maceration of the botanicals in alcohol, which is then redistilled to find a colorless and “cleaner” product, or the botanicals can be placed in a container placed above the alembic, so that alcohol in the form of vapor extracts aromas and perfumes.

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Tasting notes

Colorless and clean. The Tuscan iris immediately stands out on the nose, among the main ingredients, but also juniper, cardamom, rosemary, lavender. On the palate it is very gentle, elegant and fragrant, with a pleasant finish that offers citrus and lemon touches.


Perfect at the end of a meal or as a meditation drink, excellent for creating high quality refreshing cocktails!

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