Moscato Passito di Saracena 2017 Cantine Viola 50 cl

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Moscato Passito di Saracena 2017 Cantine Viola 50 cl is a wine produced by Cantine Viola.

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The flagship of this company and Slow Food Presidium, it is obtained after a long and slow fermentation, an amber-yellow passito with golden reflections is obtained, characterized by an intense fragrance and a flavor rich in honey, dried figs and fruit exotic.

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Guardian of a centuries-old tradition of the town and of his family, Luigi Viola is a retired elementary school teacher, who has always been passionate about nature and agriculture. After more than 35 years of teaching, he made the decision to devote all his energies to the recovery, enhancement and dissemination of a nectar that was in danger of disappearing: Moscato di Saracena. Involving the whole family, made up of his wife Margherita and their three sons Roberto, Alessandro and Claudio, to whom he passed on his passion and love for the land, Luigi increased the production of this meditation wine. Once presented to the public and industry experts, it achieved immediate success. Over time, Luigi has expanded the range of products, always focusing on quality, authenticity and elegance, using native vines such as Magliocco Dolce, Guarnaccia, Malvasia and Mantonico.

Grapes used

Guarnaccia 50%

Malvasia 50%

Production method

This extraordinary Moscato di Saracena is a delicious and precious meditation raisin wine, produced exclusively in this region following an ancient method of vinification. It starts with the separate fermentation of the Muscat grape, coming from native vines and other varieties. The must, obtained from the vinification of Malvasia and Guarnaccia grapes, is concentrated to increase the sugar content, while the distinctive aroma and taste derive from the moscatello grape, which is harvested and left to dry several weeks before the harvest. The dried Moscatello and Adduroca grapes are carefully selected, crushed by hand and then added to the concentrated must obtained from the first pressing. Fermentation in steel with native yeasts. Aging in steel for at least 7 months; in bottle for 6 months before release

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Amber yellow colour. Pleasantly sweet, fresh and spacious, it envelops the senses with its refinement and lingering intensity, revealing nuances of apricot, figs, dates and candied orange. Enveloping, persistent and savory finish.

Possible combinations

It goes well with dry pastries but also with blue cheeses.

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