Les Iles Feray 2021 Pierre Gonon 75 cl

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Les Iles Feray 2021 Pierre Gonon 75 cl is a wine produced by the Pierre Gonon winery in France.

Why buy it?

This wine is a must for Syrah lovers. With its exceptional drinkability and the purity of this grape variety, it offers a truly memorable tasting experience. The intriguing scent, with its spicy notes and hints of orange peel, fascinates from the first moment.



Pierre Gonon is a family-owned winery located in the Rhône Valley region, passionately led by brothers Pierre and Jean. The two carefully manage their 8 hectares of vineyards using natural methods, with the aim of producing sincere and authentic wines that can age beautifully over time.

Grapes used

Syrah 100%

Production method

Produced with sustainable agriculture methods and respectful of nature. The fermentation of this wine takes place in open oak vats, while the grapes are pressed with the feet, respecting the artisan traditions.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Dark and brilliant ruby ​​red colour. On the nose, it opens with fascinating spicy notes followed by hints of orange peel and star anise, adding further complexity to the aromatic bouquet. On the palate, this natural red wine is a true delight for connoisseurs, with an explosion of black cherry and currant flavors that blend harmoniously with a subtle smoky touch of great refinement. A gourmet experience not to be missed.

Possible combinations

Perfect to be enjoyed with grilled or braised red meats, such as a succulent fillet of beef or roast lamb. It also goes well with game dishes, such as wild boar or deer. For cheeses, it is recommended to pair it with aged hard cheeses or a soft goat cheese.

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