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Heritage 176 Belvedere 70 cl

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Heritage 176 Belvedere 70 cl is a vodka produced by the Belvedere distillery, in Poland.

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This vodka is obtained from a mixture with a rye distillate; the name is made up of two parts: “Heritage” refers to the traditional malting technique, while “176” indicates the temperature reached in the last phase of this process.

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The Polmos Zyrardow distillery is located in the Mazovia region about 45 km from the capital Warsaw, and was founded in 1910. At the time, the distillation of rye to produce more or less quality vodka was already a very common practice throughout the nation; the distillery managed to survive both world wars and all the political turmoil of the time unscathed. Later, after the fall of the communist regime, Polmos decided to create a vodka that could stand out for its merit from all the others: Belvedere Vodka was born, in honor of the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, still magnificently represented on the label today. The real commercial turning point came around the 1990s, when an American tycoon decided to buy the distillery and market the vodka as the first “Superpremium” vodka in the world; in the wake of this commercial success, in 2002 the LVMH group decided to take over the brand, elevating this vodka to a global icon of quality and luxury vodka. This is in fact produced by distilling exclusively Dankowskie rye and with 100% pure water, and is distilled 4 times.

Production method

Vodka has been distilled since time immemorial in Poland and Russia, which dispute the origin of the spirit; it is a distillate of cereal origin. It is usually distilled by continuous distillation and usually at least 3 times. This vodka is obtained through the distillation of Dankowskie rye and the production process is strictly controlled in every single step, in order to always obtain a product of the highest possible quality.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Clear and transparent. On the nose, aromas of caramel, notes of baked sweets and hints of spices emerge. The taste is full and silky; ends with nuances of macadamia nuts and honey.


Perfect as a gift for a special person. Perfect for a celebration, or for a classy after-dinner with special people.

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