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Franciacorta DOCG Brut Cuvée Royale Marchese Antinori Tenuta Montenisa Magnum 150 cl

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Franciacorta Brut Cuvée Royale Marchese Antinori Magnum 150 cl is an Italian sparkling wine produced by the Antinori family on their Montenisa Estate in Franciacorta, Lombardy.

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Produced in one of the most popular sparkling wine areas in recent years, characterized by elegance, finesse and style.


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Franciacorta DOCG Brut Cuvée Royale Marchese Antinori Magnum 150 cl is an Italian sparkling wine produced by the Antinori family in Lombardy on their Tenuta Montenisa, near the hamlet of Calino. We are in the heart of Franciacorta, so called “affectionately” in the past by Charlemagne, who used to refer to the area with the name of “Petite France”, although in reality the origin of the name most likely derives from the term “curtes francae” which indicated a monastic court that lived in the area. The territory is particularly suited to the cultivation of white and international grape varieties, the soils are rich in minerals capable of giving complexity to the wines produced. It was also one of the first territories to obtain, in 1967, the Denomination of Controlled Origin and years later, in 1995, the DOCG for Franciacorta refermented in the bottle. The villa belonged to the Maggi Counts for a century and a half, in whose dynasty we also remember the famous “Count Aimo”, creator and symbol of the famous “MilleMiglia” car race. In 1999 the Antinori family acquired the property and the estates adjacent to the villa and began its history in Franciacorta as well.

Grapes used


Pinot Blanc

Pinot noir

Production method

The grape harvest takes place at different times depending on the achievement of full ripening of the individual varieties. This wine is produced according to the so-called methode champenoise or classic method, a process by which the wine substantially undergoes two different fermentations: the first, the alcoholic one (which it shares with the rest of the wines) in which the flower must ferments in steel vats stainless steel; the second instead takes place directly in the bottle and ensures that during this second procedure, thanks to particular yeasts, the wine also develops carbon dioxide, which will then give life to the famous bubbles when uncorked. The wine stays in contact with the lees for 36 months. Aging in the magnum bottle will guarantee an even finer and more elegant product than the classic 75 cl bottle.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

At sight it has a pale but intense yellow color, with golden reflections. The foam is creamy and persistent. On the nose you can feel aromas of white fruit such as peach pulp, yeasts, small pastries and candied fruit. In the mouth enveloping and once again creamy, with good flavor and final acidity; even the effervescence “cleans” the mouth for the next sip.

Possible combinations

Cuvée Royale is very versatile: it can be used as an aperitif or toast during celebrations or as a gift for a lover or a special person. Given its freshness, it also lends itself to pairing with fresh cheeses, with some types of seafood such as oysters, octopus or cod, to name a few, or a fish-based first course; finally with main courses based on white meat.

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