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Champagne Extra Brut Cuvée 740 Degorgement Tardif Jacquesson 75 cl

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Champagne Extra Brut Cuvée 740 Degorgement Tardif Jacquesson 75 c is a champagne produced by the Jacquesson company.

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Wine of great elegance, perfect to accompany a wide range of dishes, from fish-based dishes to aged cheeses. It is an ideal wine for those seeking an exclusive and sophisticated tasting experience.


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It dates back to 1798, when the Jacquesson family began producing high quality wines in the Champagne region of France. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation for its attention to detail and quality, becoming one of the most respected Champagne producers in the world. Today, the company is managed by the tenth generation of the Jacquesson family, who continue to follow traditional production methods to create Champagne of the highest quality and great elegance.

Grapes used

Chardonnay 53%

Pinot Noir 29%

Pinot Meunier 18%

Production method

The production method of this Champagne strictly follows the rules of the controlled designation of origin, which means that the wine has been produced according to specific and traditional rules, with particular attention to fermentation and aging in the bottle.

At the time of digorgement tardif, i.e. the removal of impurities and yeasts, a minimum of sugar is added, which makes the wine extremely dry and not very sweet. Furthermore, the low dose of sugar allows the natural flavors of the wine to emerge decisively.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Pale golden in color with a delicate floral aroma and notes of white-fleshed fruit. In the mouth there is a slight freshness, accompanied by a creamy texture, and a long and mineral aftertaste.

Possible combinations

This Champagne is perfect with fish dishes such as oysters, prawns and sushi. Furthermore, the creaminess of the wine makes it a perfect match with aged cheeses such as Roquefort or Parmigiano Reggiano. Finally, this Champagne goes perfectly with delicate and light dishes such as salads, carpaccios and vegetable-based appetizers.

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