Champagne Chapitre Olivier 75 cl

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Champagne Chapitre Olivier is a champagne produced by Olivier.

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A prestigious champagne with great complexity both on the nose and in the mouth, it deserves to be celebrated and shared in special moments.

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Lise Olivier, a Champenois, and Christophe Lee, of Chinese origin, have given up their jobs to recover the Lise vineyards in the Marne Valley. Christophe, born in Paris Chinatown, had been a manager in Hong Kong, where they met. Together, they produce high quality champagne.

Grapes used

Chardonnay 80%

Pinot Noir 15%

Pinot Meunier 5%

Production method

Champagne is produced with the champenoise or classic method, with two fermentations: the first alcoholic in vats and the second in the bottle which creates carbon dioxide with specific yeasts. This gives rise to the bubbles that are noticeable when uncorked.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

An exceptional prestige champagne with a beautiful complexity. On the nose there are aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and white flowers. On the palate, it is elegant and structured, with a perfect harmony between freshness and creaminess. There are nuances of toasted almonds and a pleasant minerality. The finish is long and persistent, leaving a feeling of refinement and fullness.

Possible combinations

A champagne that deserves to be celebrated and shared in special moments.

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