Champagne Brut Autolyse Le Brun de Neuville 75 cl

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Champagne Brut Autolyse Le Brun de Neuville 75 cl is a champagne produced by Le Brun de Neuville.

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The Champagnes produced by Le Brun De Neuville are strongly influenced by the terroir and pedoclimatic conditions of the area, guaranteeing mineral flavors that defy time and space.

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The history of the Le Brun family has distant roots, dating back to the tiny town of Bethon, in the Marne, with a population of just 281 inhabitants. In 1963, the family founded their own agricultural company, which has since grown and increasingly distinguished itself in the wine and agricultural scene. Today, the company has become a real cooperative, where around a hundred enthusiasts and workers cultivate and preserve an enchanting territory: the Côte De Sèzanne. The winery is managed by Damien Champy and Gilles Baltazart, both committed to keeping the family tradition alive.

Grapes used

Pinot Noir 86%

Chardonnay 14%

Production method

It is produced according to the so-called champenoise method or classic method, a method in which the wine essentially undergoes two different fermentations: the first, the alcoholic one (which it has in common with the rest of the wines) takes place in fermentation vats; the second, however, takes place directly in the bottle and ensures that during this second process, thanks to particular yeasts, the wine also develops carbon dioxide (which will then give life to the famous bubbles upon uncorking).

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Color is golden yellow with extremely fine and persistent perlage. The nose is structured and complex, with a fragrant and citrus finish. On the palate it presents a wonderful harmony and great roundness. The finish is characterized by excellent flavor and spicy notes.

Possible combinations

It can be accompanied by fish, shellfish, cheeses, appetizers and desserts. Furthermore, it is perfect for celebrating special occasions or for an informal toast with friends.

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