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Bitter Radicale Gajardo Distilleria Schiavo 70 cl

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Bitter Radicale Gajardo Distilleria Schiavo 70 cl is produced by Distilleria Schiavo.

Why buy it?

It is perfect enjoyed on the rocks with an orange twist, shaken in a Martini glass or used to prepare Spritz, Milano-Torino, Americano or Negroni, giving these drinks a unique flavour.

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Marco Schiavo, the current heir to the Schiavo Gajardo distillery, represents the fifth generation of distillers in the family. His interest in the world of mixology was born in a joking way. A passionate drinker, thanks to a childhood friend of his named Carlo, who runs a place near Vicenza, Marco took up the challenge of creating a high quality product to satisfy the growing demand from barmen for different drinks, which they are looking for something more than the traditional products of the large distribution chains.

Production method

Bitter is a drink obtained through an artisanal production method. Through an infusion of over 18 days of herbs, roots and spices, and careful manual mixing using the bâtonnage technique, this Radical Bitter was obtained which lends itself beautifully to the creation of the Italian Aperitif.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Scarlet red, slightly opalescent. On the nose it reveals a spicy character rich in hints of orange. On the palate it has a balsamic, intensely spicy note and a bitterish aftertaste that persists for a long time.


It can be consumed alone, as an aperitif, or used as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks.

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