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Amaro Rupes 70 cl

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Amaro Rupes 70 cl is an artisan amaro produced by Rupes.

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Classic of Calabria, handcrafted with native botanicals such as wild fennel, licorice root and bay leaves, you can perceive all the generosity and vitality of the Calabrian territory, thanks to the centuries-old tradition that has preserved the original production methods.

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It is said that already in the Middle Ages the local monks produced herbal infusions for medical and digestive purposes. This ancient custom has been handed down to the present day through artisanal methods, which have continued to be part of the local culture. It is said that the name derives from the Rupe di Roccella Ionica, where, according to legend, the amaro was already produced in the 19th century.

Amaro Rupes is the result of research conducted by the homonymous winery of Roccella Ionica, which wanted to create a herbal liqueur following tradition.

Production method

The botanicals used in this drink have been selected with the experience of an old local distillery. The blend of plants, roots and herbs is a well-kept secret, but among the ingredients the aromatic sweetness of Calabrian licorice, the lively freshness of wild fennel and the elegant aroma of laurel stand out for their intensity. The manufacturing process follows the ancient traditions, with a cold infusion of botanicals in a hydroalcoholic solution, in order to extract all the aromas. Subsequently, the alcohol content is reduced by adding very pure water and a final touch of sugar is added to balance the bitter sensations of the herbs.

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Tasting notes

Dark brown color with mahogany highlights. The sense of smell is immediately struck by a very intense and rich bouquet, characterized by aromas of medicinal herbs, laurel, licorice root and wild herbs typical of the Mediterranean maquis. Shades of ginger and soft spices, bitter chocolate and delicate balsamic notes complete this olfactory experience. On the palate, the drink is full and full of aromas that follow one another in a thousand facets, making the taste experience extremely satisfying. The finish is harmonious and very persistent, with a pleasantly fresh finish.


Perfect as a digestive or after-dinner, served iced (recommended temperature -5°C),  it can also be used in mixology, as a gift, to make a good impression at a dinner with friends.

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