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Taittinger Champagne brut

The history of this maison begins in 1743 when it was founded by Jacques Fourneaux; the Forneaux family continued to operate in this sector with great results, joining forces with Antoine Forest, giving life to the company “Forest-Forneaux” and constantly increasing its success. After almost 2 centuries, in 1932 Pierre-Charles Taittinger bought the company and, in addition to giving it his family name, gave a key role to Chardonnay in the production of blends. This will be found in particular in the release, following the trends of the historical period and under the guidance of his son Francois Taittinger, in 1952, of the “Comtes de Champagne”, the first cuvée de Prestige of the Reims area entirely produced with Chardonnay. Today the company has been led by Pierre-Emanuel Taittinger since 2005, direct descendant of Pierre-Charles head of the company we find, with about 288 hectares of property.

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Taittinger Champagne

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