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Louis Roederer champagne

The foundation of the maison takes place in 1776, but it will have the turning point when it will be taken over by Louis Roederer in 1833, who in addition to naming the company with his name, will introduce innovations for the care in the cultivation of his own vineyards, and will buy new ones personally selecting the best. Thanks to the attention to these details, his bottles will soon reach the United States and in particular Russia, reaching the table of Tsar Alexander II. It was in 1876 that the first “prestige cuvée” was created for the Tsar marketed under the name of “Cristal”, which will soon become one of the best-selling and universally appreciated champagnes for its great elegance and quality. Even today this great elegance constitutes the unique style of the company, known and appreciated all over the world with more than 3,000,000 bottles produced and marketed, under the guidance of the seventh generation of the family. We arrive at this version through the collaboration between the maison and the architect Philippe Starck, for the realization of what appears to be a stylistic renewal or rather a real challenge launched by both; the label, with a completely different graphic aspect compared to the classic and prestigious design usually used by the maison, already underlines this aspect, while in the product we will find the exaltation of the natural characteristics of the grape and of the terroir from which it comes, with procedures of biodynamic agriculture.

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Louis Roederer champagne

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