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In the 18th century Stefanus Jermann migrated from the Austrian Burgenland to the village of Bilijana (now part of the Slovenian nation). In 1881, Anton Jermann moved to Villanova, establishing his roots in Friuli. Angelo Jermann, in the 1940s, will implement both qualitatively and quantitatively the production and cultivation of vines and livestock, contributing to affirming the company locally and nationally. The modern history of Jermann begins hand in hand with the vision of Silvio Jermann, son of Angelo, who, upon returning from his overseas experiences in the wine field, will work to create the blend of grapes which will then lead to his most famous product: the Vintage Tunina . This wine was officially launched in 1975, immediately receiving excellent reviews from international critics and helping to establish the company as one of the most interesting realities in Friuli.

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