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The history of the Ca’ Viola farm begins in Montelupo Albese, not yet famous hills where a new wind begins to blow. Beppe Caviola rents the vineyard of his dreams, and with the help of his dear friend Maurizio Anselmo they start making wine in a garage. One day Elio Altare tastes that wine and encourages Beppe to bottle it. Thus the first Caviola label was released in 1991. Beppe also manages a small plot of Barbera which he decides to vinify according to new guidelines, but here the Caviola family invents a complex in which production. In 2005 the most prestigious chapter begins: leading a vineyard of Nebbiolo from Barolo. The cru Sottocastello di Novello is the chosen one. Thus the first label of the “King of wines” enters the scene. From the hills of the wolves to Dogliani, and from here to Barolo.

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