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Caol Ila Wilson & Morgan Whisky Bourbon Finish 70 cl

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Caol Ila Wilson & Morgan Whiskey Bourbon Finish 70 cl is a whiskey produced by the Wilson & distillery Morgan.

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The secret lies in balance: the lighter bourbon barrels offer a classic and lively counterpart with their intense smoky and bold marine notes, it’s an Islay with a sweeter and newer touch.

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Wilson & Morgan is a brand that was acquired in 1992 by Rossi & Rossi, an importer with extensive experience selecting luxury spirits and champagne. Wilson & Morgan offers a refined collection of rare whiskies, with an artisanal, typically Scottish character, aged in barrels that previously contained other spirits or fine wines such as rum, Marsala and port, thus enriching their sensorial notes.

Production method

The process begins with the malting of the barley, during which the starches present in the cereal are broken down into simple sugars suitable for alcoholic fermentation. This occurs in three phases: maceration of the barley in water, germination and drying. Subsequently, the barley is ground and added again with hot water, extracting the must which will be fermented and distilled. The final refinement, including the choice of the right wood, is fundamental for the sensations that the distillate will acquire.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Straw yellow in color with golden reflections, its extraordinary balance is immediately perceived on the nose, accompanied by a fresh and clean aroma. On the palate it is extremely sweet and vanilla, with a light spicy note, culminating in a fascinating finish.


Perfect at the end of a meal or for meditation; particularly recommended for lovers of whiskey or smoky or intense flavors in general.

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