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The Macallan whisky

The Macallan was one of the first distilleries to have a regular license in Scotland and one of the first to seek absolute quality in the whisky produced. The success of the company is based on collaborations with other countries such as Spain, North America and Scotland for the supply of wood and other natural raw materials, as well as the use of traditional methods and an unchanged craftsmanship since the inception of the company. The distillery was founded by Alexander Reid, a barley farmer and teacher, in 1824, in Craigellachie in the Scottish Speyside region. The name comes from the name of the area “Maghellan”, which in turn comes from the Gaulish word “magh” meaning land and “Ellan”, the name of the monk St. Fillan, which was linked to the historic church within the Macallan holdings since 1400. As already mentioned, the choice of the barrel is and has always been a fundamental element for the company: 80% of the character of a Macallan whisky depends on this element. In fact, oak barrels are selected according to the specifications of the Master of Wood for toasting and aging, and then revalued together with the Master Distiller. The other elements that contribute to the great quality of Macallan are the area, the majestic Macallan estate from 1700 that spans about 390 acres, the 24 copper stills among the smallest in the region, the craftsmanship of the Master Distiller and Master Blender, the aforementioned first-class wooden barrels and the fact that the intensely colored distillates obtained are all natural colors, the result of aging.

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The Macallan whisky

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