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Vodka Wyborowa 100 cl

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Vodka Wyborowa 100 cl from the Wyborowa distillery, in Poland.

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Premium quality Polish vodka, appreciated and now established all over the world thanks to its typical velvety, spicy and soft character.

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Wyborowa is a vodka of ancient origins, with a history rooted in traditions that date back five centuries. He is proudly considered the highest representative of Polish vodkas, although his brand originated more recently, in 1927, when he triumphed in a prestigious competition. Its production takes place through a double distillation of pure wheat rye, using a discontinuous method in copper stills. The result is a drink that offers complex aromas and an extraordinarily smooth taste.

Production method

Vodka has been distilled since time immemorial in Poland and Russia, which contend for the origin of the distillate; is a distillate of cereal origin. It is usually distilled by continuous distillation and usually at least 3 times.

Alcohol content


Tasting notes

Crystalline and of the purest quality, it reveals floral and spicy nuances, with hints of cereals and aromatic herbs. Its softness and smoothness on the palate, combined with a delicate freshness and a pleasant spicy persistence, make it a unique experience.


Perfect as a gift for someone special. Perfect for a celebration, or for a classy after-dinner with special people.

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