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Vodka Stolichnaya Elit 70 cl

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Vodka Stolichnaya Elit 70 cl is a vodka produced by the Stolichnaya distillery in Russia.

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Known worldwide for the unsurpassed quality of vodka and continuous innovation. Visibly bright in the mouth, it is enveloping and on the palate it differs from any other vodka.

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The Stolichnaya Vodka Distillery has a deep and rich history. Founded in 1901 in Moscow, it has become one of the most famous and renowned vodka producers in the world. During the Soviet period, the distillery underwent various transformations, but maintained its traditional craftsmanship and product quality. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Stolichnaya gained a prestigious international position, representing the authentic Russian spirit. Today, it continues to produce high-quality vodkas, keeping its heritage and timeless charm alive.

Production method

Vodka has been distilled since time immemorial in Poland and Russia, which contend for the origin of the distillate; is a distillate of cereal origin. It is usually distilled by continuous distillation and usually at least 3 times. The final phase of the production process is called “freeze-out”, at a temperature of -18°C, and is inspired by the ancient Russian practice of leaving the barrels outside during the harsh winters, allowing all the impurities from the liquid. Subsequently, Elit is gradually brought back to room temperature, reaches the right alcohol content and is finally bottled after a final filtering process.

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Tasting notes

It has a crystalline and transparent appearance. In the glass you can perceive hints of citrus and caramel. These same notes also emerge on the palate. The brandy is enveloping, rich, full, dense and pleasantly persistent.


Perfect as a gift for someone special. Perfect for a celebration, or for a classy after-dinner with special people.

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